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Het Moment

Everybody experiences several important moments during his or her life, these moments can be experienced either consciously or unconsciously. A lot of these moments are essential transformations in someone’s life. How to step over the threshold during these moments? What does it mean to say goodbye to the old situation? Which new perspective do you choose, and when? The essential point here is to take steps together, and structure the process of change. Coaching, training and courses by Het Moment provide new insights and knowledge to give meaning to and guide these moments of transformation.    

Het Moment focuses on the personal approach during moments of transformation. Het Moment looks at four different levels. How are the physical conditions? It is about the basic needs in life. Are somebody’s emotions balanced? This concerns not only somebody’s personal feelings, but it also concerns the relationships he or she has with other people.  How about the cognitive level? Knowledge about and insights in the situation help the process of self-reflection and this makes it possible to improve your own functioning. How about the spiritual level? Ambitions, motivation and inspiration are all words that belong to this level. The aim is to balance these four levels. To achieve this balance you need to invest time and energy. With the methods and insights of Het Moment you accelerate this process.

Het Moment translates theory into practical tools. Everybody experiences moments of transformations differently, that is why we need to use the personal approach and communicate with each other to find the individual path. During the last few years Het Moment has developed theoretical and practical knowledge on this subject. Het Moment’s network in this field is large. As part of our mission we connect people to create new knowledge and share insights and experiences.